Two people die in a fire every day of the year as the result of smoke and flames.

Fire prevention and detection is vital, however so is ‘fire survival’.  If the worst happens, then making sure you and your family have a fire escape plan is very important.

Planning your escape

One of the aspects of key importance is ensuring that you have access to an opening window which is large enough to climb out of and large enough for a member of the fire brigade to get in through.

Choosing an ‘escape room’ is advised by many fire brigades.  As one fire brigade in the UK put it:

Remember to keep door and window keys handy and make sure everyone knows where to find them”.

Other attributes of a good escape room

A good escape room is one that is the best room in the house to survive in. It should have a door, be at the front of the house so the firefighters can see you as soon as they arrive, have grass or earth below the window and if there is a shed or porch below the window to climb down onto even better.

Don’t put off repairs which would allow you to escape

Don’t put off until tomorrow what could cost you your life tonight.  If your windows stick or do not open sufficiently then please do get a window repair specialist to get them dealt with straight away.  Whether the problem is with the locking mechanism, hinges or other moving parts they can be dealt with today.

Problems with lost keys

If you have simply lost the key do not fear that you need a completely new window fitted…we can simply fit new locks affordably which bring your window and potential fire escape route back up to potentially life-saving working order straight away.

It is very common for people to buy a new property and then find that only some of the window or door keys have been left for them, with some misplaced or broken by the previous owner.

Of course having the ability to open windows, especially on hot days in the summer, or to let steam or cooking fumes escape from the home, also makes for a more comfortable home environment.

Balancing security and fire escapes

One thing people often concern themselves with is security – essentially making sure they are sufficiently locked in, especially at night to deter intruders or burglars.

Making sure your property is sufficiently secured is clearly very important – but not at the expense of fire safety.

If you are unsure of how to retain security from the outside world whilst also making sure you can escape from the inside in the event of smoke or fire – then please feel free to give us a call.

We can advise on efficient, working locking mechanisms and ensure you have the keys, fast releases and spare key (and know where it is!) should a fire break out.

Child security can also be taken into account with locks in place so children cannot wander out through doors unaccompanied, but could be helped out easily in an emergency.

Get in touch – really, don’t delay it

For more friendly advice on home security and making sure your windows and doors acts as sufficient fire escape routes please call us on 0121 250 3745 or 07920 762 494.  You can also email us on our contact form here.